Core Lecture, Winter 2014/15

Instructor Prof. Dr. Matteo Maffei
Teaching Assistants Manuel Reinert, Giulio Malavolta, Niklas Grimm
First Lecture Tuesday, October 21, 2014 4-6 pm
Time and Place
Tue 4-6 pm E2.5, HS2
Thu 4-6 pm E1.3, HS002
Tutorial Time Place
Mainack Mondal Tu 10-12 SR 0.01 (E1.7)
Marc Tonsen Tu 2-4 SR 0.08 (E1.7)
Johannes Krupp Tu 2-4 SR 0.01 (E1.7)
Pedro Moreno-Sanchez Th 8-10 SR 014 (E1.3)
Raluca-Patricia Iliutá Th 12-14 SR 0.01 (E1.7)
Max Rabkin Fr 10-12 SR 015 (E1.3)
Tutor Office Hours
Office Hour Time Place
OH 1 Mo 16-18 0.10 (E1.7)
OH 2 We 12-14 0.10 (E1.7)
OH 3 Th 10-12 0.10 (E1.7)
TA Office Hours whenever our doors are open
Form/Credits Core Lecture, 9 ECTS
Language English
Contact <manuel's surname> at cs dot uni-saarland dot de, <giulio's surname> at cs dot uni-saarland dot de, <niklas's surname> at cs dot uni-saarland dot de

Latest News

  • 2014-08-14: the website is online


In this course, you will acquire a deep understanding and hands-on experience on a broad spectrum of attack and defense techniques for IT systems. The content of the course comprises different topics, see the list below:
The lecture notes, exercise sheets, and project instructions will be placed on Piazza.

Assignments, Exams, and Grading

We will have a practical project spanning the entire course. You can work on the project in teams of 2-3 people. It is split into several phases. The group will be supported by their tutor with whom they may meet every week.

Theoretical exercise sheets will be given in form of so-called presence exercises. More specifically, in the tutorials you will spend half of the time solving a handed out exercise sheet. The other half of the time is dedicated to discussing the solutions of this sheet as well as other questions and problems related to the lectures and projects.

There will be no midterm exam.

There will be a final exam.

To pass the course you have to fulfill the following minimal requirements:

  • 50% in the practical projects and
  • 50% in the final exam.

Your grade is then computed from the final or re-exam (F), depending on which one is better, and the projects (P) as

  • Grade = 0.6 * F + 0.4 * P

How to register

As usual, you have to register in the LSF/HISPOS system of the university. Moreover, in order to access the material like lecture notes and exercise sheets, you will have to sign on to Piazza.