Privacy Enhancing Cryptography

(formerly known as Privacy Enhancing Technologies, belongs to the Wahlpflicht I courses)

Winter 2016/17

Instructor Prof. Dr. Matteo Maffei
Lecturers Fabienne Eigner, Giulio Malavolta, Manuel Reinert
Teaching Assistant Giulio Malavolta
First Lecture October 25th
Place E9.1, room 0.06
Time Tuesday from 14.00 to 16.00
Tutorials Thursday from 14.00 to 16.00
Form/Credits Advanced Course, 6 ECTS
Language English
Contact <giulio's surname> at cs dot uni-saarland dot de


Privacy is a fundamental human right and privacy enhancing cryptography (PEC) helps to support this right by providing provably secure and efficient techniques for the design and development of information systems.

This advanced course focuses on the theoretical as well as practical aspects of PEC, such as privacy in

  • Authentication Protocols
    1. Basics of Cryptography
    2. Zero-Knowledge Proofs
    3. Anonymous Credentials
  • Outsourced Storage
    1. Private Information Retrieval
    2. Oblivious Algorithms
  • Multiparty Computation
    1. Shamir Secret-Sharing
    2. Garbled Circuits
  • Databases
    1. Differential Privacy


Note that this will be an advanced course and we expect some background in cryptography and security. It would be ideal if you have done a cryptography and/or security at Saarland University or during your previous studies somewhere else. Motivated students without this background are also welcome to the course. However, we would expect some more spirited efforts from you.

How to register

Students should register for the course through the HISPOS system. In addition, we will be using Piazza to publish lecture notes and assignments as well as for class discussion. Therefore, students should also register in Piazza for the course here. Please let us now if you face any problem with registration.